The collective is

a small, perfectly formed group of freelance translators

with various native languages.

The coherence, logic, structures and subtleties of language

are our daily bread – and our passion.


What we have in common:

We all live in Switzerland.

We work together as friends, colleagues, partners.

Quality has top priority for us,

and we all pursue lifelong learning built on solid translation training.

Our longstanding and wide-ranging experience 

enables us to produce work that is

reliable, well-founded and accurate.

We offer realistic deadlines, but are also very flexible.

We offer services and prices that are

consistently competitive, open and transparent.

For some years now, CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools have been available to support us in our work allowing us

to ensure consistency in the use of terminology.

This can be extremely helpful, especially when it comes

to repetitive and highly technical texts or lists.

We see translation software as an important tool in our work,

and make sure we’re up to date on the latest developments.

Only the human brain has the ability, however, to grasp language and context in all its facets and cultural aspects,

and to research technical terms and apply them correctly.


The keys to a successful translation therefore are – and remain – the craftsmanship and passion of the human translator.